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New Year Amaryllis – Happy And Alive!

Friday, January 1st, 2010

First of all we wish all our customers, homepage visitors and business partners a healthy and successful Happy New Year!

To celebrate this, we’d like to share a story with you from a client in the Netherlands: He is a specialist for rare plants and grows (among others) a special type of amaryllis from South Africa. Now after he was away for some travels and without proper lighting as usual, on his return the plant seemed to have died off and the leafs already showed an unhealthy yellow colour.

Even though he thought it was too late, he felt to give Viva-Lite a go and installed 2×80W Viva-Lite Full Spectrum tubes just to find that after only 3 days of being lit with Viva-Lite, his amaryllis came back to perfect condition adding “this result is absolutely amazing”:

Since then we had many enquiries and lot of feedback from people who use Viva-Lite for their plants and animals alike (e.g. fish, aquarium etc.), many with similar stories.

We thought of sharing this good news with you at the beginning of the New Year.