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Study of lighting and low vision in older people

Monday, March 29th, 2010

We investigated the influence of lighting on performance at activities of daily living in 24 older people with low vision from cataract and/or macular degeneration.

Participants carried out four everyday tasks, each at three illuminances: 50 lux, 200 lux, and 800 lux. Both objective performance and subjective preference were recorded. Subjects tend to perform better under brighter conditions, but the average results masked large individual variations. Indeed, most participants showed a large effect of lighting on performance in at least one task, but the optimal light level varied idiosyncratically from one subject to another. The best approach to provide optimal lighting for older people with low vision may be to individually assess their preference and performance at different light levels. (more…)

A review towards hybrid lighting systems

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
New Engineering Building

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This paper reviews developments in hybrid light guidance systems.

In these daylight and electric light are simultaneously delivered into a building where they are combined and distributed via luminaires. The technology used in hybrid systems, both conceptual and realised, is discussed. The review speculates as to their likely performance in terms of daylight delivery; capital and running costs; user reaction to the systems; potential impact of the systems on the building which they light; and suitable design methods. It is noted that a substantial amount of work remains before the potential of hybrid systems may be realised, notably on their long-term economics and feasibility in different geographic locations. (more…)