Full-spectrum lighting (issue 6)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives.  We feature some of the best here.

This is a useful short piece on the importance of Vitamin D in our lives and how we go about getting it.

Great suggestions for keeping SAD at bay, including the use of full-spectrum light.

In 7 tips to a happy life, these authors put lighting at number 1!  Read on to see what they say about it.

This blog looks at ways to avoid eyestrain while reading.  Included in their  hints is the use of full-spectrum light to keep eye-strain away.

Five handy hints on how to avoid eye-strain.  Included in their hints are the importance of the light you use.
Not so much a blog on how useful light but rather one person noting the difference in what they could see in full-spectrum light.  Chicken training! – who would have thought?

One person suggests using light in the bedroom to get the effect of summer in the winter months.include the importance of lighting.

Given the amount of time spent in our offices, once designed for function, it makes sense to create spaces we truly enjoy being in.  One example they discuss is lighting.  For task lights, consider a full-spectrum light on an adjustable neck so you can focus it where you’re working.

Great piece on things to consider to make your house more sales-worthy.  Here the author includes lighting as one of the ways in which you can sell your house faster!

Great advice on how to enhance your workspace and your health!  In the 10 helpful hints they give,  they include the importance of lighting.

This author considers 10 ways in which we can create a healthy environment in our homes.  Good quality light is a key part of this.

Some really good suggestions on how to grow food indoors, keeping in mind that many of us are on a budget.

Thinking about learning to draw – this blog includes 20 great tips to get you started.  In this list they consider the importance of the light you use.

For those that have questions regarding care of pet chameleons, this site is a valuable resource.  Here they discuss the importance of light and how to get the right light to your pet.

Here one photographer discusses her solution to not having natural light available for her photography work.

Many students and office workers tend to agree: If given a choice, they would rather work in near-natural light.  When this isn’t possible full-spectrum light bulbs at a great alternative.

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