Full-Spectrum Light (issue 17)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives.  We feature some of the best here.


Beating the Winter Blues | Create Our World: Hitchhiking | Hoboing
Full spectrum light bulbs provide similar light as the Light Therapy lamp, yet you can put them in other lamps around your house. These are a cheaper alternative than the Light Therapy lamp and provide a similar experience. …


weight loss » Five natural ways to beat the winter blues
Increase exposure to light indoors by replacing light bulbs with full-spectrum light bulbs. Unlike standard office and home lights, full-spectrum lights contain a range of rays from ultraviolet to infrared, with rainbow colors of violet …


Stress: Why is it bad, and how can we minimize it?
If your sleep cycle has become irregular due to your consistently bad sleep habits, simply reset it by exposing yourself to bright, full spectrum light in the morning, and minimizing exposure to light within two hours of desired bed …


jumping for joy… « Nourishing Your Sober Self
Of course, another aid to what is called SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is what my kids call the happy light, or the official name is full-spectrum lighting. Sitting in front of this type of light helps with mood and energy levels …


Managing Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Weather Changes
Just yesterday I re-ordered the full specturm, replacement, fluorescent light bulb for it. The old one had lasted over 2 years of day in and day out use. Its full spectrum bulb provided a natural sun light quality to my room all that …


Home Art Studios, How to Create an Artist, Friendly Work Space

Ideally you can have ample natural light in your home with northern exposure lighting. In case you do not have enough light available, you will have to buy full spectrum lighting in order to have ample light in your workspace. …


The Importance of Good Product Pictures

My quick & dirty picture set-up is a piece of white foam poster board, a piece of cardboard wrapped with white tissue paper, my full spectrum craft light, a miniature size tripod and various knick-knacks from around the house to pose my …


Cold Snap: Oh, Snap!

I also rigged up a full-spectrum light alarm clock. It has been getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings since it is so dark, and this is my solution. It worked like a charm this morning even though the timing was a bit early …

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